Our Philosophy

Assess, Treat, Educate, Advocate

Dr. Gilles has dedicated her career to the diagnosis and treatment of neurologic problems using a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach. She believes that holistic, compassionate and comprehensive neurologic care is the basis for helping a child and family cope with neurologic conditions or illness achieve the best quality of life. While up-front this process may take more time, it is invaluable in caring for children with complex neurologic or multiple system disorders.

Many children with neurologic disorders or brain injury have multiple problems that taken together are often very complex. More and more, seeing a provider means addressing only one problem during a visit. Having medical problems that interact make it difficult to deal with just one problem at a time, and can also make it difficult to problem solve at home. Developing effective treatment plans means working collaboratively with the entire treatment team including your child’s primary neurologist if they have one. You as parents and your primary clinician are the center of that team.

By giving parents & caregivers tools with which to assess and manage their child’s neurologic conditions, Dr. Gilles has found that children and parents do better, there are less phone calls, less office and emergency room visits, and less hospitalizations. This means that parents can spend more time being parents and kids being kids.